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- An equestrian periodical with an independent view

Above is the front cover of issue 37 of Tracking-up: Arabian stallion Nivalis (Photo: Lesley Skipper)

Do not confuse this website with that of (similar name but different company).  This company markets a program to assist in the organisation and management of dressage and riding competitions.

This is the home page for a  publication, issued quarterly, obtainable by subscription only from the publishers ANNE WILSON, LESLEY SKIPPER and SUSAN McBANE. It will be ideal for anyone who is slightly 'computer shy' or who doesn't own a computer as it is not available on-line - so please tell your friends who are not on the net. We can supply copies of our flyer for distribution at equestrian events large and small, or simply to pass around. Because marketing and promotion are expensive, we should appreciate any help you can give us in getting TRACKING-UP known, since we are not subsidised by general advertising.  (For copies of flyers, please email Anne Wilson as below).

If you want something different, absorbing, enlightening and thought-provoking, you'll love Tracking-up.

It's for everyone, at any level of experience, who rides or looks after horses or ponies. We love horses so our commitment to them and our readers is to present quality, trustworthy editorial aimed at enhacing all our lives.

We have now joined forces with the Classical Riding Club and Sylvia Loch, and to this end have added an extra four pages to the magazine at no extra cost, so Tracking-up is now even better value than ever, packed with informative reading. We believe that Tracking-up contains far more interesting reading matter than any of the glossy, over-the-counter magazines, since we carry no general advertising.

Issue 36 has now been published and contains the following:

What We Say: Keeping elderly or arthritic horses comfortable in winter by Anne

 Strengthening or Stress? A Fine Line by Anne Wilson    

On Track: Equine Science Made Simple: Does Taste Stimulate Crib-biting?

Stereotypies – what are they, and what causes them? Part 2: The commonest stereotypies
and their causes   by Lesley Skipper 

British Racing School Steps Up To Help Animal Health Trust’s Research To
Protect Racehorses From Fatal Fractures

Don’t Shoot The Messenger by Sylvia Loch     

Gelding, mare or stallion? Which do I choose? Part 3: Stallions by Lesley Skipper   

Good News On Nosebands  

Nuno Cavaco: An Introduction by Claire Whitfield

Horse Vets Vote Against Corporatisation

The Principles Of Riding: Book Extract



Sylvia Loch and the Classical Riding Club have been in association with us for some years. In fact Sylvia was instrumental in Tracking-up's inception. Sylvia has now decided to take a back seat as regards Tracking-up, but will still be writing for us from time to time. We will also still be publishing articles from other CRC writers such as Claire Whitfield. So we hope lots of Classical Riding Club members will subscribe and support us in our efforts to improve the life of horses everywhere.

Sylvia has by no means retired; she is concentrating on her teaching, weight aids lecturing, and her books and DVDs are readily available. 




Tracking-up is available quarterly by post, as single copies £5.38p, or a year's subscription of four issues £19.25 (representing a discount) including postage in UK only. Postage to other parts of the world can be arranged at an additional cost.  Exact cost to your part of the world on application by email as below.


 We are now (as of Issue 23) offering Tracking-up in digital form. The digital magazine is exactly the same as the paper version, but considerably cheaper. A digital subscription will cost £4.00 for a single copy, or £14.00 for a year's subscription. Delivery is by email; a  secure link will be emailed to you which will enable you to download your digital copy, so when subscribing please ensure you include your email address!

It pays to subscribe - Subscribers get a discount, a free help service, and discounts off our books.

Just make a cheque out for the appropriate amount (pounds sterling please) to 'Tracking-up', clearly print your name and address on the back of the cheque and mark 'TUW/ (give the issue number from which you wish your subscription to start), and send to:-

Tracking-up, Park End House, Robins Folly, Thurleigh, Bedfordshire, MK44 2EQ

STOP PRESS: our overseas subscribers may now, if they wish, pay via Paypal - if you wish to take advantage of this facility, please let us know and we will send you a PayPal invoice for our subscription. You don't need to have a PayPal account ant it is completely secure. PLEASE NOTE: we can only offer this option to overseas subscribers as using Paypal does incur costs for us, and as we are a non-profit organisation, every penny counts!

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TRACKING-UP's main topics are effective, humane riding and schooling for all disciplines, classical equitation, care and management, veterinary and equine science, and equine behaviour, psychology and learning. Others include the latest research and developments, comment and opinion (so prepare to write in), in-depth book and DVD reviews, book extracts, and conference reports. We aim to bring together thoughts and varying opinions. We - Susan, Lesley and Anne - are very good friends but have differing opinions on some issues, so look forward to some lively debate.

 TRACKING-UP is a voluntary, non-profit concern.

We don't aim particularly to be controversial, but we'll say what needs saying on behalf of our equine partners, whether or not it's fashionable or popular. You'll find reliable information and thought-provoking reading to help you and the equines in your life.